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Be sure to leave an ample amount of time when arriving at Orlando Airport for your departure as new airport security measures can prolong delays in busy times of the year. It may be wise to phone ahead to check with your airline that all is well and that your flight has not been delayed or cancelled. Check in for departing flights at Orlando International (MCO) is on Level 3 of the terminal and there are 2 check in areas A and B, so please check with your airline to determine which area you need to depart from.

With new security measures in place at Orlando International Airport and all of USA airports it is wise to check that you have limited amounts of gels, liquid, creams and pastes in your hand luggage before checking in at security. To avoid this please check these into your hold luggage if at all possible, as this will mean less delays at security check in.

In addition all electronic devices will need to be screened at security these include laptop computers, mobile phones, electronic toys, CD players I Pods etc. So please be patient.

Please visit the Transport Security Administration website for the latest information regarding security measures at USA airports.

Once through the security control you free to relax in the departure area where you will find a good selection of restaurants and shops. Also available is an information desk, ATM’s, Currency Exchanges and SunTrust bank.

Please visit our Orlando Airport Arrivals page if you are looking for live flight arrivals.

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