Orlando Airport Guide

Low Cost Orlando Airport Parking

There are various parking options to choose from at Orlando Airport, ranging from the main terminal garages to satellite and cell phone parking areas. Parking facilities are also available for handicapped drivers and oversized vehicles.

For the most convenient parking, within walking distance of the main airport terminal, there are Terminal Parking Garages A and B, as well as the Terminal Top Parking area. Within these garages, there are 9,300 parking spaces available and the first 40 minutes of parking is free of charge. Normal garage parking rates will apply after the 40 minutes from the time of arrival.

Terminal Parking Garages A and B

The different airlines in operation at Orlando Airport depart from either side of the main terminal, therefore it is most convenient to park on the same side of your airline’s departure. To reach the parking garages, follow the signs on the entrance roads to the airport.

Both parking garages are multi-leveled and are situated on each relevant side of the main airport terminal. To enter the airport, take the elevator down to the Tunnel Level and cross to the main terminal. An elevator or escalator will then lead to the Arrivals area on Level 2 or the Departures area on Level 3.

All terminal garages can be used for any length of time up to 60 days.

Terminal Top Parking Orlando International

This parking garage is located on top of the main terminal building and can be accessed from the top level of the A or B parking garages. Two elevators are available from the top parking area, leading to the inside of the airport terminal. One elevator is for the ‘A’ side and the other for the ‘B’ side. Access hours may be restricted for the top parking garage.

Satellite Parking

These parking lots are situated further from the airport terminal and consist of the Blue, Red and Gold parking areas. A free shuttle service is available every 10 minutes to transport passengers from the parking lots to the airport terminal. The shuttle bus is also equipped for disabled travelers.

The Satellite parking lots are not under cover, but are located in fully fenced areas. The airport’s division of the Orlando Police Department regularly patrols the areas.

The first 10 minutes of parking is free. These parking lots can be used for any length of time up to 120 days.

Blue Satellite Parking Lot:
This parking area is about 1 mile north of the airport terminal and can be accessed from Cargo Road, which is just off Semoran Boulevard.

Red Satellite Parking Lot:
The red parking area is located about 1 mile south of the main terminal building, on the South Approach Road.

Gold Satellite Parking Lot:
This area is slightly further from the airport, about 2 miles west of the Blue Parking Lot, on Tradeport Drive.

Express Pick-up and Curbside Drop-off

The express pick-up area is the closest and most convenient parking area for those waiting for passengers. This parking area is available between the hours of 10:00 and 01:00. Vehicles may not be left here overnight.

Passengers can be dropped off at the curbside on Level 3 at either side A or B of the main terminal. Vehicles may only be parked here if they are actively unloading passengers and/or baggage, and are not allowed to be left unattended for any reason.

Cell Phone Parking Lot Orlando International

The Cell Phone Lot is free to use while waiting for passengers to arrive. It is situated about 1 mile from the airport on the South Approach Road. Once the passengers arrive, they should call you from their cell phone to be picked up outside the baggage reclaim area. No commercial vehicles are allowed in this parking area and vehicles may not be left unattended.

Valet Parking

Orlando Airport does not provide any valet parking services, but the Hyatt Regency Hotel at the airport offers this service for the maximum time period of 24 hours.

Handicapped Parking Areas

Parking for disabled drivers can be found in all of the Terminal Parking Garages, conveniently situated next to the elevators. In the A and B garages they can be found on levels 1 and 2. The satellite car parks also have dedicated parking spaces.

Oversized vehicles are defined as being higher than 7ft and/or longer than 20 ft. Parking can be found for these vehicles adjacent to the B Terminal Parking Garage or in the Blue Satellite Parking Lot.

Parking at the airport can be paid for by using your E-Pass or SunPass account. Enter and exit the parking garages in the specially marked E-Pass/SunPass lanes. No parking ticket is required as the parking fees will be deducted from your account.

The airport aims to provide adequate parking options, suitable for all passengers and visitors.